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Soccer Future
Kire Nikolovski
Email: info@soccerfuture.net

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Play Football in 3-rd league in the Netherlands or Belgium

Excellent opportunity to start a career in 3rd (or 4th) league in Netherlands. Boost your skills in a 7 day intense training program , then prove your talents in a test matches in front of managers, scouts and coaches and you are IN…

Coach: Мickey Samargic
Location: Amsterdam
Pre -Evaluation: Free (based on CV and videos)
Accommodation: 7 days
Preparation Program: 7 days intense trainings
Test Matches: With clubs in 3rd (or 4th ) league in Netherlands.
Age range: 17-25 years
Price: Apply for more info


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Welcome on Soccer Future

Kire Nikolovski & Zivan Rakic If you are interested in sport, training and sport activities, you are on the real site. We have prepare a special program to help you achieve your dreams and to become one of the World Champion Soccer players. With this site we want to get closer to you and to discover your talents ,your abilities and our knowledge and we would like to presents our successes and our method for work. We would like you to look our contents and if you like you can contact as through our email address: info@soccerfuture.net. You can send your comments and contact us if you are interested from our presentation.

About Us

Kire Nikolovski & Zivan RakicFirst of all we like to thanks to every visitor of this web site. This site is made to present our work and our peak for soccer. We are 2 individuals football coaches Kire Nikolovski and Zivan Rakik. Our work is  finding young talents and individual work with the players. Through our experience (Kire Nikolovski-12 years and Zivan Rakik-35 years) like individuals football coaches we built  ours methods for work who are based on our science base and through them we give the fastest and simplest way to the player for erasing his weakness and improving his individual football qualities on the highest level.
Our first intent is presenting our method of work with players of globally level and collaboration with all the visitors who liked this method that we suggest. If you are interested you can contact us through  heading CONTACT. Our second intent is presenting the vision of Kire Nikolovski which you can debating in public through the FORUM of this web site.  (Read More)



Kire Nikolovski & Zivan RakicThe reasons why this site is existing is to present a new method of individual trainings. These trainings are the fastest and most successful way for the player to erase his flaws and to improve his qualities. Coach Kire Nikolovski (Power-Champion) has a 12 years experience and his college Zivan Rakic has 35 years experience. Zivan  has built a method for improving the qualities of the player and this method is well accepted and scientifically proved. For this kinds of trainings we have a plan who should be realized in the near future. The second reason for existence of this site is having a public communication with the audience so we can hear theirs opinions, advantages and disadvantages about soccer. In inspection that the football rules are changing before every world cup tournament we want an honest opinion from you about the rules because from your opinions we will make a conclusion which will be send to FIFA and UEFA in order to  accept our applications with only peak clamber the soccer rank. (Read More)



Kire Nikolovski & Zivan RakicFirst, It flows are changing (panta rei)! Football game as the most incidental thing in the world is also flexible. Usually before every soccer world cup bring one or two new rules to refinement football game. My vision is through the forum of Facebook, and through chat of website to leave your thoughts (comments) and ideas in order to establish global public opinion on upgrading the football game. My 16 year pursuit of sports diary which recorded all conversations and debates with football coaches, players, fans and managers from the world led to the conclusion that requires changing some rules in the football game that will reflect positively on its upgrading. .. (Read More)