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Kire Nikolovski
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  • 04.01.2006 Kire Nikolovski becomes coach ZFK Stip (Stip) in the Macedonian first league where the fourth win of the season 2005/2006 picture
  • 27.02.2006 Kire Nikolovski gets UEFA B coaching license for up to 19 young age. see more
  • 29.04.2006 Young talents from Macedonia: Zoran Zlatkovski, Dear Kotsev and Goran Gocevski the proposal of Ile Matenicharov (coach Goran Pandev) are called in the Macedonian national football team to 19godini. These talents were discovered by Kire Nikolovski and Boguslav Stoyanov (chika Bozo). see more
  • 19.06.2006 Kire Nikolovski support the FFM to form the first significant female youth soccer school in Stip. picture
  • 22.07.2006 Dating in Belgrade between Kire Nikolovski and coach Zhivan Rakic (Chika hand) own range of coach Zhivan Rakic. Started cooperation Kire Nikolovski and Zhivan Rakic (Chika hand). picture1 picture2


  • 29.01.2005 Kire Nikolovski and Boguslav Stoyanov (Chika Bozo) to propose football talents from Serbia Dejan Neshovikj Ivan Miloevikj and Vladimir Markovic for the FC Pirin (Blagoevgrad). Article 30 January. Journal "Struma" see more
  • 27.04.2005 Kire Nikolovski began working as a selectionist in FK Turnovo (Strumica) the proposal of Ile Matenicharov (Coordinator FK Turnovo), and the owners of FK Turnovo (Orce Todorov and Goran Pandev) picture1 picture2 picture3
  • 18.07.2005 Meeting Kire Nikolovski - Darko Pancev (new owner of FC Stephenson from Skopje). At the meeting the main topic of conversation was, Formation of soccer camps in Macedonia. Talents for us to gather in one place!


  • 19.03.2004 Introducing the Kire Nikolovski and Ile Matenicharov. After introducing Ile Matenicharov after your request Kire Nikolovski was appointed coach of the most talented generation of FC Pirin 1987. picture
  • 31.03.2004 Meeting and the beginning of cooperation with the distributor of Brazilian footballer Dimitar Ivanov (Sofia). picture
  • 09.10.2004 Meeting Kire Nikolovski - Foop De Han (youth team coach of the Netherlands to twenty-one years.) picture1 picture2