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Kire Nikolovski
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  • 22.03.2003 Meeting Kire Nikolovski - Nikola Ilievski - Dzhidzhi (head coach of the football team of Macedonia). Meeting was the occasion for moral support for Macedonia 2-2 England matches, which result Kire Nikolovski predicted 5 months ago to play this game. Another occasion was the presentation of the plan and vision Kire Nikolovski as Macedonian football team to reach the termination of a European or World Championships. picture1 picture2
  • 30.07.2003 Kire Nikolovski was named best practice at playing football competition in the coaches and instructors from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The competition drew over 100 coaches and instructors. picture
  • 30.07.2003 Kire Nikolovski is part of a team of Open Fun Football Club (Football ENTERTAINMENT School for children). Coordinator of this school was ever Alexandrovski Skopje. picture1 picture2
  • 28.09.2003 Kire Nikolovski the proposal Boguslav Stoyanov is proposed for individual football coach 10 talented young Macedonian youth school of FC Pirin (Bulgaria). In FC Pirin remained until early 2006. picture


  • Kire Nikolovski to educate and acquire knowledge from several areas that distinguish the philosophy, psychology and the way to healthy life. This education would later enable significant progress in the life and career. For this education the highest assistance received from his friend Laskov Zlate. picture1 picture2 picture3


  • 15.06.2001 Kire Nikolovski finishes fourth grade English language picture
  • In the autumn period Kire Nikolovski made consultation with renowned football experts in order to convey some of their experiences and knowledge.
  • 23.10.2001 Kire Nikolovski has met with the late Ilija Dimovski (coach of FK Rabotnicki Skopje).
  • 17.11.2001 Kire Nikolovski meet with Ekrem Maglajlija (coached FK Sloga Jugomagnat - Skopje, and the owner of a football camp in Canada)
  • 31.10.2001 Kire Nikolovski a meeting with Philip Ristevski (owner of FK Mladost Goldenteks), immediately after meeting with Philip Ristevski Gore Jovanovski (then coach of the Macedonian national football team)
  • 01.11.2001 Kire Nikolovski meet with his immediate Mirko Nadzhakov (teacher and coach of young football team of Macedonia)