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Kire Nikolovski
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  • Kire Nikolovski is a member of FC Bregalnica (Stip)
  • 23.08.1992 After the independence of the Republic of Macedonia from Yugoslavia, formed the first Macedonian football league in which to compete and FC Bregalnica with the strongest giants FK Vardar and FK Pelister. picture1 picture2
  • Kire Nikolovski as a member of FC Bregalnica - Stip by reporters takes 4th place in the ranking - a list of the best right in the first half Macedonian football league. picture
  • 23.09.1992 City Stadium in Skopje is the first night game played in the history of the Macedonian football who served in TV transmission. In that game play and Kire Nikolovski (br.11) as a member of FC Bregalnica. picture
  • 01.11.1992 Kire Nikolovski in the guise of FC Bregalnica during the match FC Bregalnica 3 to 1 FK Pelister before 6 000 visitors will be forever remembered by fans of FC Bregalnica. Namely that during the game did show that in juggling with the head 12 times targets 40 meters.


  • Kire Nikolovski absent from the terrain FC Bregalnica because his departure in the JNA - Yugoslav People's Army in Virovitica (Croatia).
  • 15.05.1991 Kire Nikolovski during military service in the JNA in the athletics competitions in the disciplines Mon 100, 400 and 3000 won first place (Champion). picture1 picture2 picture3
  • 21.05.1991 Kire Nikolovski during military service in the JNA in the cross spring in a competition of 600 troops took first place. picture


  • 30.06.1990 Kire Nikolovski leaves to serve military service in the JNA - Yugoslav People's Army in Virovitica (Croatia).
    That same day to play semi finals football World Cup in Italy between Argentina and Yugoslavia. picture
  • 03.07.1990 Kire Nikolovski three-day stay after failing to vote for a place in the team to its barracks. With this team, he participated in the indoor soccer games where game as halfback. Tournament Kire Nikolovski's best scorer. picture1 picture2


  • 04.06.1989 Kire Nikolovski January spending Pioneer - youth soccer school in Bregalnica FC coach Dragan Hristovski, began to appear in the first team of FC Bregalnica. His first game played in third among Republican League East against FK Crvena Zvezda in Gnilanja. picture1 picture2 picture3 picture4


  • Kire Nikolovski, 10 years old (as the youngest player) of the municipal indoor soccer match in which he played for his elementary school, Toso Arsov, "was unveiled by the then coach of the pioneering team of FC Bregalnica Dragan Hristovski. Since those days Kire Nikolovski begins with training in the pioneer team of FC Bregalnica the coach Dragan Hristovski, where he later thanks to his first coach walked up to the first team of FC Bregalnica - Stip. picture1 picture2