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Kire Nikolovski
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Sports medicine

Medical Advisor:

PROF. Dr. Vanco Pop Petrovski

Spec. the sport medicine and Spec. Mon gymnastics




- Direct measures of body components, optimum anthropometric account.


Functional testing:


- Opinion: maximum cardiac frequency, cardiac reserve, relaxant component, loading zones, maximum oxygen consumption, anaerobic threshold, and the polar 810.. 


- Bio-electricity impedance analysis - assessment and support (L.I.F.E., Cellcom, Lendzo, Lendzo Mobil)




Opinion nutriciski status, needs and effects of introducing:


- General supplements (minerals, vitamins, herbs, products of animal origin) and


- Bio-sports supplements (urban, energy, detoxifications) through analysis of hair and nails, bio-impedance, the dark field microscopy;


- Preparation of protocols for food and bio-sublimation for players;


Yoga and Sports


- Hata Yoga protocols for health and sports needs. 


Breathing techniques:


- To increase the capacity of breathing;


- Increase the sensitivity of respiration;


- Techniques to balance;


- Hyper ventilation techniques;


Leisure (shavasana, Yoga Nedra).