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Kire Nikolovski
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Operation of Zhivan

First, His extensive international football career and his 15 years of experience as a selections in intestinal fc star and 35 years experience as an individual football coach who works at their own butts in belgrade shows that it is a football expert. He has created a method that is based on a scientific basis and many repetitions to automation, and this method allows the fastest possible way to improve these elements in the football game:


What we require (which have the advantage of talents for cooperation)?

  • talents to be aged between 7-11 years and 11-19 years
  • to be able (health)
  • have the talent
  • have a desire for success
  • If you are able to submit videos (which will show some of their talent) to make analysis and selection before beginning the test
  • Required to write a CV

What we offer (what are your benefits from our cooperation)?

  • professionalism
  • guaranteed progress in a short period of time (1 week, 2 weeks ... Depending on his interests and his intellectual ability)
  • improvement of the technique
  • development of tactics
  • improving the physical predispositions
  • honest and accurate assessment of your soccer skills (i.e. what are your football opportunities)
  • free training material on weak talents - connect with managers and sponsors
  • full review and advice on physical and mental boost. (professor dr. Vanco pop petrovski - spec. Sports medicine specialty and gymnastics)


According to my personal philosophy for a footballer to be successful, there are 3 things between which there should be balancing:

  1. technique
  2. duel - a game
  3. situation-moments

If are interested in this method work and commitment to me contact me in the CONTACT

Note: If you are interested in this method of work and want to know who the other 3 things are necessary for a footballer to raise the highest level, and to engage me contact me in the contact Note: due to the large interest in these individual training already visiting players from the world, you need to make at least 1-2 months in advance.