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Soccer Future
Kire Nikolovski
Email: info@soccerfuture.net

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Daily Coaching

This everyday training program includes theoretical, psychological and physical preparation for a future professional football player.

Coach: Kire Nikolovski
Location: Amsterdam (or negotiable)
Program duration: 1 - 4 weeks
Duration of the daily training: 90min, 120 min or 150min
Age range: 7-19 years
Price: negotiable

Free first training and evaluation (no obligations)


  1. Observation of the training and competitive process in a club (for example: watching the training (and play) and in the morning , individual training with the client afternoon).
  2. Mutual analysis with the client, for him and for his teammates.
  3. Physical and psychological preparation for the professional player
  4. Theoretical preparation - balance between; education – nutrition – training – rest. (Kire’s philosophy)
  5. Practical part – technique and tactics.
  6. Development of the performance of the game with both legs (right foot development for the left handed clients, and left foot development for the right handed clients).
  7. Perfecting the passing technique
  8. Practical exercises for dribbling.
  9. Perfecting the running technique (manipulation) of the ball on the ground.
  10. Perfecting the running technique (manipulation) of the ball in the air with devices.
  11. Connecting and recommending to managers and clubs.


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