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Soccer Future
Kire Nikolovski
Email: info@soccerfuture.net

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Premium dedicated coaching

This is the best football (soccer) training program that a future professional player can get. With a total 100% dedication of the Coach Kire Nikolovski to a single client unavoidably would bring the best results.

Coach: Kire Nikolovski
Location: Global
Program duration: Based on client’s preferences
Age range: 6-19 years
Terms: Flexible (Duration, Location, Training schedule, Intensity etc.)
Price: Negotiable (contract based)


1. Testing

2. Honest assessment for talent, skills and opportunities

3. Set realistic goals for a certain period of time (10-30 days)

4. Psychological preparation for a professional football player

5. Nutrition Program (suggestion from nutritionist)

6. Training process

Technical part - a method of using both legs equally
Technique with ball (with devices and without devices - on field)
- at ground (dribbling, passing - at short, medium and long distances ....)
- at air (juggling into a place and movement) with and without opponent
- in combination
Breathing techniques
Coordination of movement devices (own philosophy)
- Operation with hands
- Footwork operation
- Duel play - with the opponent and with additional devices in specific conditions (philosophy at my mentor Zhivan Rakich - Chika Raka)
- Exercises for flexibility and movement - demonstration of exercises that should become a habit. Firstly work with devices and then at open space.
Tactical part
- Situational moments
- Mutual monitoring and analysis of games and players (individuals)
- Demonstration and description of the highlighted moments
- Theoretical part (education) for tactical play
Physics part
Physical training without a ball
- Techniques for starting speed and tenacity (unique method of dr. Samardzic Mickey)
- Training in nature
- Training in water
- Training at sand
Physical training with a ball
- By leading the ball at full speed with and without obstacles and barriers
- Passing and kicking at the goal from different positions with many repetitions till automation.

7. Making a comparison of first and last training - an option to record the first and the last training, only in the presence of parents.

8. Giving a handbook of exercises with my philosophy of how to perform their own individual trainings

9. Information for elite soccer camps and helping to join them

10. Connecting with managers and management agencies

11. Connecting with soccer clubs from Netherland, Belgium and France


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