Full day trainings

The full day trainings are designed for fast and powerful progress of the player’s football skills and capabilities. After this intense training program the client would dramatically improve his skills and condition and should be capable to work alone and further improve his potential and professionalism

Coach: Kire Nikolovski
Location: Amsterdam (or negotiable)
Program duration: Based on client’s preferences
Trainings per day: 2 or 3
One training duration: 60 -90min
Theory: 10-20min before and after trainings
Analysis: daily, weekly and whole training period
Age range: 10-19 years
Price: negotiable


  • 2 or 3 trainings in the period of 24 hours
  • Training focus: Technique, tactics and physics
  • Coordination
  • Breathing technique
  • Technique in the air with beats in Mantinela (Soccer Wall) or in pairs (with Kire or with other client)
  • Dynamic exercises, back and stomach exercises – for the third training (duration 60 – 90 minutes).
  • The purpose of the third training for the client is to learn the exercises and to continue to work alone, what will give him overall advantage and professional attitude.
  • Detailed demonstration of all exercises
  • Addition (theoretical part) – watching live matches on TV, together with a client
  • Connecting and recommending to managers and clubs.