First, It flows are changing (panta rei)! Football game as the most incidental thing in the world is also flexible. Usually before every soccer world cup bring one or two new rules to refinement football game. You are able to find more in depth data play fafafa slots online. My vision is through the forum of Facebook, and through chat of

Website to leave your thoughts (comments) and ideas in order to establish global public opinion on upgrading the football game. My 16 year pursuit of sports diary which recorded all conversations and debates with football coaches, players, fans and managers from the world led to the conclusion that requires changing some rules in the football game that will reflect positively on its upgrading. My goal is to create a global organization which will be responsible for your conclusions and demands to submit to FIFA and UEFA which will seek to analyze and to accept in order to play football at a higher level, i.e. to be attractive and interesting, and it will contribute to even greater ratings and popularity. In addition, i have done to your game for children that will soon be patented and introduced globally. The goal of the game is half of a football match to be made through time exhibition, which will hold the attention of visitors and during half time.